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Fastway – AnkleSavers® footpegs have no equal in strength, adjustability, performance, quality or looks.

If you’re looking for the most performance enhancing footpegs on the planet – you found them.

  •  Only 434 Grams per Pair – World Class competition weight
  •  Personally adjustable for Height, Camber and Traction
  •  Made of hardened mil-spec aerospace aluminum
  •  Cut from a solid piece of hardened alloy aluminum on state of the art CNC machines right here in the United States, Nampa, ID to be specific.
  •   AnkleSavers® technology to prevent injuries and improve your performance

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AnkleSavers®  Technology

  • Patented technology with an arm that comes off the peg at a 19 degree angle.  You never even know it is there until you case a jump or bottom out the suspension.  Then it is there to catch your heel and prevent injury to your ankle or Achilles tendon.
  • Performance enhancing – it allows you to move your heel further back on the footpeg putting more weight over on the rear wheel – more torque, more performance
  • You Ride to Win = you Ride Smart, you Ride Aggressively, you Ride with AnkleSavers®


At Pro Moto Billet / Fastway and AnkleSavers®  Performance and Quality are everything. We test and destroy ours and the competitions footpegs to ensure our products are the best. We use only USA made aluminum, because it’s the BEST. You can buy “cheaper” aluminum footpegs but you will likely be riding on soft, low grade, crystal-structure aluminum pegs, which is why they cost less. Ours are made from a single block of aluminum that exceeds aerospace industry standards, the same standards used in the production of military aircraft. There are no finer footpegs in the world. None.

Three Patented Adjustments

All Fastway – AnkleSavers® footpegs are designed to utilize our three patented adjustments: Adjustable Height, Adjustable Traction, and Adjustable Camber (tilt)


Our Universal Collar System (UCS) allows you to mount Fastway foot pegs in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes – simply by reversing the collar. For shorter riders, run them in the stock position. Taller riders (and those wanting less transition from sitting to standing) love our low-boy position.

Offering up to 10mm of drop, Fastway pegs give you the choice. The UCS system also makes it easy for you to fully rebuild your pegs, or take them with you to your new brand or model bike by simply changing out the collars. Longevity made simple and affordable!

height of FAS


Our Patented replaceable traction cleat system is amazing! All sets of Fastway pegs ship with 2 sets of F3 threaded cleats– short 10mm, and tall 12mm cleats; which allow you to customize the shape and traction level of your footbed. Set them up all tall, all short, arched center, tall outside, tapered, or get creative!

We also offer F5 Serrated cleats, and the ultimate in traction– our F6 Spiked cleats. F6 cleats are like being velcroed to your pegs. Can you handle this much traction?

Traction of FAS

Camber (Tilt)

Want better control or more natural squeeze on your bike? That’s easy! Our Patented Camber (tilt) System allows you to customize the up or downward angle of your pegs to match your skeletal and joint angles.

If it’s important to tune your motor, your suspension, your bar height and rotation– what about tuning the most load-bearing contact you have with your bike? Yep, your footpegs! Tune them in, and gain more endurance, control, and traction.

FAS peg camber                    FAS Camber diagram


Fit Kits

Fastway – AnkleSavers® are universal– to fit most any bike. Each pair also ships with a “Fit Kit”, that includes the specific bolts shims, and spacers to adapt the pegs to your bike. This system makes rebuild, or changes between bikes easy– just order a new Fit Kit and you’re set.

FIt Kit


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12 thoughts on “Fastway / AnkleSaver – Learn More!

    • Tom Crain says:

      Yes they are Dave. We sell in the clear, aluminum, but if interested, we can get them in Green, Black and Orange.

      To order the clear, just use the drop down menu to select your make, model and year.

      Thanks for the inquiry, All the best, Tom

    • Rick Smith says:

      Curtis, no pictures on BMW, but they come in silver and black and would look great on your bike. The extension comes down at an angle, so you can rest your heel lower than the ball of your foot.

  1. Seif says:

    Hello I have a yz250 2strok 05 I’m looking to get ankle saver so while I was in checkout and chose my bike model it says won’t fit in low position I’m 6ft7inch tall and I would like to have them lower is there any options for me?

    • Tom Crain says:

      I think they make a lowering bar as well, at PMB. That would be the only way to lower them, unless you fabric as te brackets. Sorry buddy.

    • Tom Crain says:

      I think they make a lowering bar as well, at PMB. That would be the only way to lower them, unless you fabric as te brackets. Sorry buddy.

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